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Block of MRT Research Center

Scope: Magnetic Resonance Imaging



Our company JSC "DINA International" signed a contract with Russian cancer research center named after N.N. Blokhin of supply and installation of medical MRTunit. Dates have been assigned the work: start-20.04.2011g. end-31.12.2011.
During this time you need to create a fully insulated medical unit, to make interior and exterior trim, connect and configure all the medical equipment, establish a fixed power station. Initially in 2012, this unit should take and to help patients first.

To date, most of the work is completed. What was done:

-   area cleared for the construction

-   made the foundation

-   delivered and installed a medical unit

-   MRT unit taken

-   produced finishing module

-   mounted and connected to a stationary power plant

-   connected control modules

-   plugged in and running unit MRI

-   finished exterior design of the building

-   finished interior trim

Dear friends, you can happily report that the project came to completion stage, is to connect low-voltage systems, such as Internet and telephone.
All the rooms are made both outside and inside the main unit connected to an MRI test and has passed the test results sent to our partners in Germany. Planned delivery of the project ahead of schedule. JSC "DINA International" thanks everyone for their help and looks forward to further cooperation