about the company


JSC "Dean International" - Your Partner in Health Service since 1987. Issue DINA DERM-99 marked the beginning of manufacture of the equipment under the brand name "Dean".
     The main goal is to protect and promote human health. That is why the company, "Dean International" specializes in the sale and service of medical equipment to equip the health and medical institutions both in Russia and CIS countries, including:
diagnostic tools (angiography, mammography and x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, lithotripters, etc.);
hospital furniture and equipment;
consumables (infusion, anesthesia, catheters, aspiration, drainage, cardiology, etc.);
suture materials;
disposable underwear medical (surgical masks, gowns, sheets, kits for laparoscopic surgery, neurosurgery, for newborn care, etc.);
nitinol stents for the restoration of the lumen of hollow organs in the event of benign or malignant neoplasms;
devices for the rehabilitation of the lungs;
laboratory equipment (gas analyzers, electrolyte and blood oximetry, percutaneous monitors, etc.);
sets of microbiological tests for the identification and антибиотикочувствительности major pathogenic fungi;
sterilization equipment, etc.
   The company's policy - it is a responsible approach to work, continuous improvement of product range, well-oiled production process, efficient work of skilled professionals ready to answer your questions, explore and find the right solution to offer flexible schemes of cooperation.
    We also work with companies - manufacturers of medical equipment, supplies, medical furniture and tools, ready to offer reliable and quality goods.
   On this site you can find all information about the company's products. To do this you must go to the section you are interested.
For more information please call:             (499) 323-10-01      , 323-15-10.